Creative Book Reports: The Main Rules + Your Creative Ideas

Creative Book Reports: The Main Rules + Your Creative Ideas Some students find writing a book report a bit challenging. When it comes to preparing a creative book report, they face even more difficulties. If you are one of those students, this article will be a good place to start off.

So, what are the main secrets of effective creative book reports? There are two of them:

* your awareness of the main rules of writing book reports;
* several creative ideas to make your book report stand out.

Let us give you more details about each of these items.

The main rules of preparing creative book reports

Creative or not, but your major task boils down to preparing a book report. Here are some basic rules you need to follow:

* Your creative book report should provide information about the author of a book, date of publication, genre of the book, etc.
* Your creative book report should summarize the plot of the book, give details about the main characters, setting, the main themes depicted in the story, some literary techniques used by the author, etc.
* Your creative book report can also include your recommendations and impressions.

Creative book report ideas

If you think you are not creative enough and lack creative book report ideas, try one of the following ways to present your report.

1. Make a lot of pictures for your creative book report or a PowerPoint presentation. Add sound effects, bring some perfumes that can represent smells from your story.
2. Make your creative book report in the form of a news story. Watch news on TV and try to imitate the anchor.
3. Make some sort of bag or box and put there various items related to your story. Take items one by one when you reach that part of your story where the item is involved.

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