Follow The Tips For A Brilliant Article Essay

Follow The Tips For A Brilliant Article Essay
The easiest and the simplest essay of all
If someone told you, writing an article essay is difficult, then be assured that he or she has never written one in his or her life. This genre of essay is one among the easiest and the simplest of them all. This is your chance to attract readers and inspire them with your words. All you need to do is to be creative. Make the most of your imagination and put all your creative juices to work and in no time you will have an essay you will be proud to call your own.
Choosing a topic is a general headache when it comes to any topic. But in an article essay you have a definite advantage as you can write on almost any topic you want. You can be imaginative. It could be an essay about something. It could be like a discussion essay or an argumentative research paper where you can state your points in an interesting fashion so as to hold the reader’s attention with an iron grip. The whole essay should be smooth with soft transition between paragraphs. However to help you with your task of writing this essay, I have a few tips for you.
* Be artistic. Make the reader wonder.
* Think according to the context but it is not wrong to be a little unorthodox.
* For a good grade, learn all the proper formats.
* Describe and illustrate. Relate to past events, the present and the future. You can also put in a personal essay.
* Argue well. Research your point before you do so. Either argue a little or exceed expectations. But never stop in the middle.
* Quote examples. Tell the readers about your experiences.
* Add feelings to your words in your article essay as people react sensitively to such essays.
* Make certain that there is a correct and tandem flow in the presentation.
* Use metaphors to illustrate your anecdotes because they are a very effective method to keep the interest of the reader intact.
* Rhetorical questions and statements will effectively engage the reader. For example, an abortion research paper will be a great sample for an article essay as it is a very sensitive topic and can be argued in many aspects.
* Be intelligent and never undermine the potential of the reader. Remember that the reader is as good as you and sometimes even better.
* Keep in mind the most important factor. You have to make the reader think hard. Make the reader react in a favorable manner to the contents of your essay and also get a good grade from your instructor.

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