Junior Research Paper

Junior Research Paper Junior research paper is one of the most interesting and captivating types of academic writing. Is it hard to believe it? If so, we will prove that it is really so.

Conducting research, writing a junior research paper and presenting it to the audience requires a lot of work, of course. But it is also very useful for you. Conducting research will help you develop research skills, and writing a research paper will give you experience which will be very helpful for you in future. Besides, those who have experience of writing a junior research paper usually have no problems with further research works. So, if there is an opportunity to take part in any research competition, we advise you not to lose the chance to gain additional experience of research work.

General Requirements for a Junior Research Paper

* First of all, students conducting research have to consult his or her teacher on its topic. It is prohibited to choose a topic yourself.
* The size of a junior research paper should not exceed seven pages, but it also cannot be less than four pages.
* You should use at least five additional sources for your research, three printed and two non-printed, such as Internet researches, radio programs or interview.
* You should use such standard font as Times New Roman, 10 to 12 pt.
* It is necessary to double space all the lines of your junior research papers.
* Margins should be set at 1 inch all around the page;
* Page number should be typed in the upper right corner of your junior research paper. You have to include your student number to the left of the page number. Do not forget to leave space between the page number and your student number.
* All the headings and parts’ titles of your research work have to be centered.

* You should include a title page, abstract, teachers name and school name to your junior research paper.


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