Some Peculiarities of Research Proposals

Some Peculiarities of Research Proposals I know that some students do not fully understand what research proposals are about. That is why in this article we are going to talk about the peculiarities of research proposals. I am sure this information would not be out of place, especially if you need to write a dissertation.

In fact, the word “dissertation” is a key one when we talk about research proposals. Research proposals are a part of your dissertation. This is the main difference between research proposals and project proposals, since very often students confuse them. Thus, you have to learn to distinguish one from another.

Let us pass to the peculiarities of research proposals. It will help you not to confuse them with project proposals.

* If you are writing a doctoral dissertation, it will start with a research proposal. This part of your work should be accepted by the committee members. Only after that you can begin your good research.
* Like project proposals, research proposals should contain the description of your research and tell about its significance. However, the main focus should be made on the methodology. What is more, research proposals should include comprehensive literature reviews.

* Parts of a research proposal are also a bit different from those of a project proposal. They are:
o Introduction – gives a general summary of the main subject.
o Statement of a problem – describes a problem and explains its significance.
o Conceptual basis – tells about theories and concepts, which are going to be the basis of a dissertation.
o Methodology – explains what a student is going to do, how and why.
o Bibliography – gives the review of the literature used for writing a project.
o Appendices – gives additional information, for instance on the timeline of this work.

So, this is what research proposals are about.

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