MLA Format Paper – Writing In The Correct Format Is The Most Important Thing For Any Essay Type

MLA Format Paper – Writing In The Correct Format Is The Most Important Thing For Any Essay Type
MLA Format Paper – Basic Guidelines
The MLA format of essay writing published by the Modern Language Association of America, is a style or format of writing followed in the United States, Canada, and other countries and it dictates certain guidelines for writing and documentation of research or thesis work mainly in the field of arts and humanities.
There are many types of essays that are written like the narrative essay, personal essay, opinion essay, critical essay etc but all of them must follow a set pattern or format that the guidelines ask for and if the the format is the MLA type then the following points are to be remembered and followed while writing the essay:
1.the essay must be computer generated on a standard white 8.5 by 11 inch paper
2.the written text will have a margin of 1 inch on all sides.
3.There will be a header which will generally carry the last name of the writer along with page numbers at the upper right hand corner of the page
4.the text has to be double spaced with the font being Times New Roman and the font size 12 points.
5.The first line of a paragraph will be indented one half inch ( five spaces or press the tab button once) from the left margin.
6.Space to be pressed only once after each punctuation mark.
7.End notes if any to be listed on a separate page before the citation or reference page.
For the title page (if it is specifically asked for by the instructor) in the upper left hand corner of the page the writer’s name along with the instructor’s name, course name and date will have to be written all in double spaced text. The title will have to be written next and arranged centrally without any underlining or any quotation marks and in title case. However if the title contains reference to other author’s work then quotation marks will have to be used for it. For the main body of the essay, citations should be always within quotation marks and italics should be used for long titles. In –text- citations are also very important and the author’s name and the page number from which the quotation or idea is taken are immediately given after the quotation.
In the MLA format paper the citations may come from books, journals, newspapers and the internet. The general format is as follows:
In case of book reference – Surname of the author. Name of the book. Date of publishing. Name of the publishing company. The page numbers from where the quotations were taken. Link to website if any.
In case of journal reference – Author. Name of the article. Name of the journal. Date of publishing. Pages
In case of net reference – site name. Date of publishing. Name of the affiliated university or organization. Date of when you visited the site.

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