Steps in Selecting a Good Essay Title

Steps in Selecting a Good Essay Title
We are always concerned about the writing process of an essay especially if it involves high mark equivalents. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of essay writing is the selection of an essay title. Of course it is essential that you have written a well researched and informative essay but sometimes, an essay also needs to have a good name or title in order to capture the interest of the target readers. Little do we know that there is a great importance in selecting a good essay title in order for our readers to appreciate what we have written in the first place. Today, we will talk about the basic steps in writing an essay title no matter what subjects you may have; biology, computer, literature or mathematics topics should not have any influences in creating a good essay title.
An essay title should be composed after you have already completed writing your entire essay. Of course, it would be too hard to think of a title especially if you have not yet completed the entire scope of discussion. Completing the entire article will help you come up with a summary sentence or name for your composition.
It is important to know who your audiences will be. This will help you find an essay topic that will provide more interesting aspects for the target audiences to whom you wish to relate or share your discussions. It is like marketing your essay and finding the best potential customers for it. You should have considered your audiences before writing the essay but this may change as you go along the writing process.
After identifying your target readers, relate your title selection to yourself. Imagine how would the essay title draw you to read the entire article if you are not the one who wrote it? What factors will help you realize the importance of that essay and what basic feature will potentially entice you to read it? These considerations will definitely help you out in deciding what titles to consider.
To write essay names and titles should also consider the fact how the readers will reflect to your discussion. Will your subject be significant to them? How will they react to your article once they’ve read it? This is something that the title must consider.
Try to rescan your entire essay and you may probably think of another good topic for it. Actually, the first idea may not be the best one so repeatedly re-reading your article should give you a clear parameter of how the summary aspect of your discussion should fall into place.
Lastly, find some other ways to attract your readers to read your essay. An essay title is not required to be a formal one unless you are writing a dissertation. Make it a habit to find other inspirations that could implement humor, excitement and other violent reactions when someone sees your essay title. You can discover new ideas while watching TV shows, reading newspapers or college essays or even by simply talking with your friends.
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