500 Word Essay

500 Word Essay
There are many ways for you to write an essay based on certain instructions. A teacher would like to impose these preferences to see whether you can write an effective composition with restrictions involved. In this case, let us talk about writing a 500 word essay. Usually, a professor would like to see how much you will fare in writing an extensive essay in only 500 words. This is a great deal in properly managing your thoughts because 500 words in all can be considered a very small amount especially if you are going to write a narrative essay.
How can I manage a 500 word essay? If you are a beginner in the field of writing assignments in a restricted fashion, then your first goal is to create an outline. The outline provides you a snapshot of what will happen in the entire essay even before you write it. It is like having a guide in writing the entire article. So in this case, you can plan ahead the limit of 500 words and that you can easily include everything that you want to say in a 500 word limitation.
After you have written the outline, you can also start writing the thesis statement. This is the core discussion sentence that you want to talk about. In a research paper, you can consider the thesis statement to be the most important part because it reflects all the essence of why you are writing the research paper. But let us leave the aspect of dissertation for now because we are talking about an essay. The same criterion in building a thesis statement is also applicable in a 500 word essay.
If you wish to target exactly the limit of a 500 word essay, you should also make it a point to simply segment the discussions I to several smaller paragraphs. This means that the more you want to discuss the topic, the more you should have different paragraphs until you reach the conclusion part. This way, you can easily compress everything that you wish to impart to the readers. Also, you can budget out the words that you wish to include in the entirety of your essay.
Lastly, to enable you to write your 500 word essay in a proper manner, you can edit the entire paper after you have completed it. Proofreading does not only give you the chance to eliminate spelling and grammar errors, you can also edit out those redundant and unnecessary words and terms so you can achieve a full 500 worded essay.
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