Done with your Essay Assignment?

Done with your Essay Assignment?
You probably are frustrated over writing an essay that does not even interest you. Sometimes, a teacher will require you to write an essay assignment wherein you will be composing one based on a given topic. Well that is really something to be worried about because we are not all the same when writing an essay about any topics. Some of us would like to compose an article based n the topic genre that we are familiar with or something that we are really interested in discussing. What if you can have the freedom to select a topic for your assignment and that you can compose an article that you will really be proud of?
An essay assignment topic interest should have a specific goal of writing. When we say a goal, this is like the genre or the main intention of the writer as to why he has written a piece of essay. In most cases, you can also integrate such a notion among research papers that are usually written by college students like law dissertations or marketing dissertation types of articles. However, we will simply limit our discussions over writing an essay.
There are many specific goals in writing an essay assignment. The first one is descriptive. The main intention of this article is to describe an object or a set of objects within the essay. You can describe things based on physical features like color and shape or based on the purpose of an object.
Another good topic theme for an essay assignment is a classification essay. This type only intends to group things according to a specific parameter of discussion. When you classify things, it is important to first realize what it is that you would like to base your grouping on.
A narrative essay assignment has only one goal, to tell a story. It is like having a person in front of you and then telling your personal or opinion based story to him. The only difference is that you are going to do this in written form. There is no need to cite resources when you write an essay of this type because the story line can be very flexible.
A cause and effect essay goal is also a popular type of essays. Basically you need to have the skills in logical thinking because you are going to discuss a topic that initiates a cause of the event and then delegate the result of such event.
One more type of an essay goal in writing is the argumentative type. You can write such an essay based on a single issue that you wish to conform to be true and valid. As a defender of the notion, you must provide proofs and evidences to support your claims in an argument. This will then help you become more reliable and credible so your readers will be persuaded to accept your idea.
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