Create Your Own Thesis Model

Create Your Own Thesis Model
What is the thesis model you have to follow in order to get a good grade? Does this perfect thesis model exist at all?!

The thesis model presented below is far from being perfect, but it does provide you with thesis ideas of how to complete the paper. You will have to create your own thesis model based on this one, taking into consideration your own interests and writing skills as well as the peculiarities of the topic you are writing about.

Thesis model’s element number one: Proposal. Before you even start thinking of your thesis, you need to complete a thesis proposal, describing the objectives and steps of research.

Thesis model’s element number two: Outline. Any of the models, including this thesis model, should be based on a particular structure with sections that cover the topic, in other words, a good outline.

Thesis model’s element number three: Reliable sources. You should consult with your examiners on the sources that should be necessarily incorporated into your paper.

Thesis model’s element number four: handbook on the writing standards. Do not wait until your examiner corrects your writing style’s violations – find a handbook with the guidelines for each writing standard and follow them.

Thesis model’s element number five: constant consultations with your examiners. Your committee should see that you are working hard on your thesis, so involve them into each step you are doing.

Now you should add other elements that you believe are important for your thesis model and start working on the paper. This is not a must to complete a thesis model before you write your paper, but it gives you a better idea of what steps you will have to take.

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