How to Get Rid of Perfectionism while Writing a Dissertation Project

How to Get Rid of Perfectionism while Writing a Dissertation Project
Even if you have never suffered the syndrome of perfectionism, it can happen to you while writing a dissertation project. Actually, a lot of students suffer it and not everybody knows what can be done about it.

Let us first think how perfectionism can be identified. So, you are working on your dissertation project. Do you have some dissatisfying feelings about your work? Do the thoughts that you can do your work better constantly come to your mind? Do you feel anxious and depressed while writing a dissertation project? If you have all the positive answers to these questions, take our congratulations! Perfectionism is your new illness.

Though, there is no need to be worried too much. As I have already mentioned, this is a common thing for the students writing their dissertation project. What is more, it can be treated easily. You just need to know how and make some efforts.

So, this is what you have to do to overcome perfectionism while writing your dissertation project.

* First of all, you have to understand that your perfect ideas are just illusion. Nobody can be perfect as well as do something perfectly. You should realize that something completely perfect is just unattainable.
* Second, you have to make a list of realistic things to do for completing your dissertation project.
* While achieving the goals set for finishing your dissertation project, you have to be successive. Here it is essential that you praise yourself for every achieved goal. Why not? You have made it and now can pass to another goal.

* While writing your dissertation project, you should be focused on the process rather than on the final result. You have to enjoy your work and realize that even if you are working not very fast, it is your consistent work that will lead you to the desirable result.

Hence, be realistic and positive. Thus, you have better chances to complete your dissertation project.

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