What You Should Know about Dissertation Research

What You Should Know about Dissertation Research
The students, who have decided to write dissertations, have to conduct deep and thorough dissertation research on the problem under investigation. The kind of dissertation research depends on the area they are investigating. If it is Mathematics, the research will certainly be quantitative. If the area is related to Social sciences, they will conduct qualitative dissertation research.

If you want your dissertation research to be effective, you should consult workbooks to choose the research method appropriate for your topic investigation. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend what type of dissertation research method will be the most effective for your topic investigation. What we can help you with is a piece of advice on what should be taken into consideration when conducting your dissertation research.

Quantitative dissertation research:

* Make sure the data resulted corresponds to your expectations. If though, it does not, check everything, you must have done a mistake;
* Make sure data is presented in appropriate form. You may use tables, schemes, graphs, etc. The main thing is to choose the form that would relieve the perception of information you present;
* Make sure your thoughts are stated in a logical way.

Qualitative dissertation research:

* Use qualitative research software in order to classify and structure the information got;
* Conduct interviews, surveys, questionnaires for your dissertation to sound more convincing. Besides, it is rather interesting, since you can get acquainted with lots of people;
* Be extremely attentive when analyzing the results of the interview or survey conducted;
* Make your dissertation research more creative by producing exclusive appendices, e.g. video film, audio records, etc.

No matter what type of dissertation research you will choose, you should consult your supervisor and make sure that the dissertation research method chosen can be applied in relation to your topic investigation.


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