Academic Thesis on Islamic Terrorism

Academic Thesis on Islamic Terrorism
Terrorism is not a new phenomenon in the world history. It emerged in the ancient times. Still, it was not so wide-spread as nowadays. Today it is the major problem and threat of the modern world. Various measures are taken on the international level to struggle against terrorism. However, we can see that these measures are not enough. This process seems to be impossible to stop. Every day we hear reports of another terrorist acts, another dead children and innocent people. Nothing seems to change.

Despite different forms of terrorism, nowadays everybody talk about Islamic terrorism. Because of that, a lot of prejudices concerning Muslims and everything Islamic appeared. It is all regarded to be dangerous and bad. Definitely, it is a wrong approach to the problem. Everybody forget that there are many Muslims, who are ordinary people and live ordinary lives. By the way, you will never find any points in Koran that allow killing people.

So, we suggest you to write an academic thesis on Islamic terrorism. In your academic thesis you should work out the roots of Islamic terrorism first of all. This will allow you to get to the core of the problem.

Below you will find some issues that you should concentrate on while writing your academic thesis.

* First of all, in your academic thesis you should pay attention to Islam as a religion. Islam is completely different from all the other religions. In the world there are over a billion of adherents of this religion. These people have strong traditions and they are taught these traditions from the very childhood. I suppose this is the main difference that distinguishes Muslims from all the other people, especially people of the American and Western democracies. It is an essential point and you should write your academic thesis regarding it.

* 3.png There is one more vital issue that you should investigate in your academic thesis. It is jihad. Jihad means “holy war”, but a lot of people do not know the essence of this term and think that it is a war against non-Muslims. This is a common delusion and you definitely should give your explanations in the academic thesis. Yes, jihad is a struggle, but it is a struggle against personal drawbacks first of all. Mujahid, or a person engaged in jihad, is not just a warrior. It is a teacher, a priest, a mother, who is bringing up her child. Only in case of a threat to Islamic principles or a threat of territorial invasion, jihad can take military forms. Still it should be mentioned in your academic thesis that the idea of military jihad is minor for Muslims. The primary idea of jihad is the struggle against the evil of one’s own soul.
* You can also think over another question in your academic thesis. Is it so bad that a person has such strong beliefs that he/she is ready to die for them? Can anybody from the United States or any European country do that? I think the answer is vivid. In your academic thesis you can just draw some parallels between the two worlds and everything will be more or less clear.

* In your academic thesis you should think why military jihad is more common today for Muslims. You see, the Muslim world is very conservative. It is really hard for those people to accept the modern changes. And this is pretty understandable, since not all the modern changes are of a positive kind. For instance, true Muslims will never accept such things as homosexuality, feminism, pornography, secularism. At least, all this stuff can never be wide-spread in the Islamic world and perhaps it is right. From this point of view, military jihad can be justified somehow. I think this also should be introduced in your academic thesis. Islamic people have their own traditions and understanding of the way their life should be. What is the point of imposing those things that are normal for the United States or Europe in Iraq or Iran? And who said that so-called democracies and their desire to erase all the boundaries of morality are o.k. You should really think this over in your academic thesis thoroughly.

The problem of Islamic terrorism is essential and is worth being studied in your academic thesis. It is obvious that not all the Muslims, who participate in terrorist acts and are engaged in terrorist organizations, really struggle for their religion and traditions. However, I am sure that if Western democracies do not interfere too much in the Islamic world, the problem of terrorism would not be so sharp. We all can see the results of Western interference in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe these countries were not the most democratic ones, but still, people did not hear everyday explosions on the streets.

At least, when you write your academic thesis on Islamic terrorism, you should not be biased and should consider all possible sides of this phenomenon, because nothing in this world happens for any particular reason.

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