The Peculiarities of a GCSE Coursework

The Peculiarities of a GCSE Coursework
GCSE course work is a piece of writing, which should be performed by a student, when he\she has a purpose to get his\her General Certificate of Secondary Education.

So, you should be prepared for writing such GCSE course work and be aware of the peculiarities of this type of work.

First of all, try to make a little plan of your actions as for writing the GCSE course work. Try to understand that you should find some time for:

* Thinking about the title of your GCSE course work;
* Structuring your GCSE course work;
* Gathering all necessary information for your GCSE course work;
* Analyzing the research conducted;
* Evaluating your complete work and making necessary conclusions;
* Editing the final variant of your GCSE course work.

Your GCSE course work should be prepared according to a certain structure. It is very important for any student to know the main requirements for any GCSE course work. You should know it as well.


Present your ideas and make sure that they will be understandable for your readers and tutors. Be clear and specific.

Main body

Develop your ideas and describe the research you have made. You should disclose the topic and make it in the best way you can.


Describe the results of your GCSE course work writing. You should underline whether you have managed to tell everything about the topic or it is better to study it further.

Reference page

Point out the sources, which you have used in your GCSE course work. Write a good overview of all the sources and citations presented in your GCSE course work.

As you may see, the structure is rather simple. If you are able to follow it, your GCSE course work may be estimated at a high level.

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