Various Types Of Essays And The Effective Use Of Them By Choosing The Correct One

Various Types Of Essays And The Effective Use Of Them By Choosing The Correct One
Different types of essays to choose from
There are many types of essays from which the writer can choose to write on depending upon his choice of topic and style of writing. He can communicate with his reader in whichever way he wants to. He can argue and persuade his reader to believe in his beliefs, he can narrate a story or talk about himself or maybe he can present his research theory on which he has worked tirelessly. It’s the writer’s choice as to how he wants to communicate.
Given below are the types of essays available from which the writer can choose what he wants to write on
1. Argumentative or persuasive essay – Here the writer has to choose a topic preferably a controversial one and present it in such a way so as to convince the reader and make him accept and agree with his view point. Proper facts and data needs to be given along with both supporting and opposing views given by various people. Here the writer has to take a stand on the issue and the main trick lies in convincing the reader so that he also starts believing in the writer’s stand.
2. Cause and effect essay – These essays deal with topics which discuss the cause as to why a certain incident happened and the effect as to what happened after the incident took place.
For eg.
Cause – Lack or scarcity of rainfall in a particular region in one year
Effect – Drought or crop failure in that region that year
Based on these facts when an essay is developed is the cause and effect essay.
3. Classification essay – In this essay the writer divides or organizes various similar things into various categories and sorts them out methodically to the reader.
4. Comparison essay – Here two topics are chosen from very related or similar fields and the similarities and differences between the two discussed in details . For eg. The writer can compare between two religions practiced within the same country or write about and compare between two seasons in a year.
5. Critical essay – Here the writer takes up a topic like maybe a book that he has read or a movie/theatre that he has seen and discusses in detail about his feelings and gives his opinion on the subject. A critical essay maybe positive or negative depending on the writer’s viewpoint. The writer while writing this essay has to remain neutral and review the subject with a completely unbiased mind before he inks his thoughts.
6. Narrative essay – This is a very detailed description about an incident from the writer’s personal life and is a sort of storytelling. Here the writer has to properly develop his story around the one incident he wishes to talk about and make it interesting to keep the reader’s unwavering attention.
Personal essay – Here the writer talks and paints a picture of himself through words to the reader who cannot see him. This form of essay is mostly used while writing college essays. It is extremely important to take care while writing this essay as it can create both, a good or a bad impression on the reader’s mind.
8. Research essay - It is also known as thesis. This is taking other people’s work or opinions and further developing on it by giving one’s own ideas and comparing with the original work. It needs a lot of exploration and findings on the subject to be able to give and compare one’s one own ideas with the original one. Care must be taken to give proper citations and references so as to avoid plagiarism. The best thing would be to try and form a new thesis and develop on it.

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