Critical Essay-Analyze, Criticize and Comment on an Essay Article

Critical Essay-Analyze, Criticize and Comment on an Essay Article
How can I write a critical essay? Actually, writing such an article is very simple if you know the main characteristics of an essay. For sure, you have learned how to write the introduction, the body and the conclusion parts. Now, it is time to get familiar with the critical essay which considerably differs from other types of writing that are likely to be assigned during the studying process. Actually, its main goal is to provide an analysis of the article that you wish to work with in the future. Let us summarize the main steps in writing a critical essay and learn a tip or two to perfect your writing skills.
1. Study your topic interest. This gives you an edge to prepare in writing an essay because you can learn more about the article that you wish to “criticize”. In any case, you are still going to read an article before writing a critique about it so you might as well understand clearly what the subject is all about.
2. Look for information. Writing an essay will always involve the search for information. At the very least, looking for other sources of knowledge that are to affirm a notion in an essay is always necessary.
3. Create a thesis statement. Once you have finished with the article in reference, you can create a thesis statement that will serve as the guiding medium for you to write your critical essay. The main philosophy behind it is to make a thesis statement that will present a notion of either you agree with the author’s discussions or not. At the same time, you need to provide a solid theses statement because this is going to show how well you can write a critical analysis article about the referenced reading material.
4. Develop a system of writing an outline. In most research papers, defining an outline provides a great way to systematically write any assignment essays. For example, if you are instructed to write a business essay, you will also need to create the outlines. The thing is that they are to help you chronologically cover the different chapters as well as to plan ahead the content of your document. This is the same in writing a critical essay. You must first define in your outline what issues you want to tackle and what contents you would like to include.
5. Write the first draft. A critical essay can be written as a draft. This is the initial task of any good writers. You will be able to immediately see the necessary revisions in your paper if you manage to create its first draft. Also, it is wise to proofread your draft before finalizing any articles. This will give you ample time to realize what information and tasks are lacking and what needs to be improved further.
6. Write the actual essay. Finally, you can now write your critical essay. After you have read the referenced material, created a thesis statement, found resource materials and performed a draft, you can now finalize your writing task by completing the whole document. Afterwards, you can start editing the misspelled words and some grammatical errors that may have occurred while writing the article.
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