Get your notes and citations right in a Chicago style paper

Get your notes and citations right in a Chicago style paper
With a clear idea on the style in which a research paper needs to be written, you can ensure a decent grade. A Chicago style paper is different from other commonly used styles. Though the content of the paper is different in more than one aspect, it is true that the style of presentation can vary. There are many styles that are followed in various educational institutions today. You have the APA, MLA, Chicago or Turabian or the Harvard style of presentation. The specific style that needs to be used is often determined by the university or college and in many cases, also depends on the subject that the paper is written in. For instance the Chicago style paper is often used by students of non-Science subjects like Sociology, Economics, Politics, Philosophy and so on. It is also possible that action research papers are written in a particular style whereas an analysis essay follows yet another.
While doing a paper in this particular style, the overall presentation is important. The whole paper, right from the first to the last page is to be done as per the rules and guidelines of the Chicago style paper. These are some of the important points that need to be kept in mind:
Title Page:
When doing the first page or the Title page, it is necessary to place the entire title of the research paper in the middle of the page. The name of the person doing the paper needs to be placed below that and the details of the course that he is submitting the paper for needs to follow, along with details of the educational institution in which the study is being pursued.
It is necessary to ensure that the numbering of all pages is done, except for the title page. Therefore the page after the title page will be page 2. The page numbers need to be placed in the right top corner of each page.
Spacing and Margins:
Double-line spacing should be followed right through the Chicago style paper. The paper should have margins of 1 inch on all sides. This is the rule that is generally adopted by most professors who want their wards to follow the Chicago style. However, the rule about spacing is changed when the student inserts a quotation that consists of one or more sentences. This is also referred to as a block quotation. Here the spacing should be single-line spacing and the entire quotation needs to be indented at least half an inch from the margin. It is also important to have a half-inch indent when a paragraph is begun.
Footnotes and Bibliography:
The rules regarding footnotes and bibliography in a Chicago style research paper is different from other papers. When a quote is made in the main text of the essay a number is placed in superscript position at the end of the quote. This number is listed in the footnotes, giving details of the author, book etc. The names of books, periodicals and other journals cited in the research paper form the Bibliography, which is the last part of a Chicago style paper.

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