How to Write Literature Review Chapters

How to Write Literature Review Chapters
Many topics are available for you to write about your research paper. You can utilize the field of biology, law, literature, history or computer science. However, even if you have very exciting parameters of discussions, it would still be necessary for you to follow the correct format in writing a dissertation. This time we will talk about how to write literature review chapters and their importance.
Basically, the main goal of the literature review is to summarize another person’s work. This means that you need to first read the whole document of another person in order to provide a review about it. But why do we have to do this? Such chapter is important because it presents the significance factor of your topic. You are letting your readers know that other people are also interested in discussing your subject that is why they also created a research study out of it. If more and more people are doing research about a subject then it should be really important and significant. That is why having a literature review only amplifies such aspect of accepting a topic of interest.
First of all, any type of dissertations will need a literature review chapter. For example, if you are going to write a marketing dissertation or a computer science dissertation, this segment will always be integrated with such predefined subject interests. Academic institutions and organizations will regard the chapter as really important when it comes to correct paper formatting.
When you start creating your literature review, the first thing to do is to get a complete copy of your referenced work. You may request for it from your library, from a professor or from free resources online. Always make sure that you only use copies that have similar aspects and topics as your research proposal.
Second, try to read the whole document of your reference. This will give you a good understanding on how the researcher has conducted his study and what findings he was able to come up with. This is very important because you would like to establish the credibility of the author of your reference work. That is why you need to also understand how well he did his research and whether his methods are reliable and valid.
When you have already read the document, you can start writing your literature review. It is like telling a story to your readers. Start with an introduction and then discuss the findings in the body paragraph. Of course you need to finalize your writing in a conclusion. Always remember to cite all facts that you need to highlight. You can use the same criteria for citing like the MLA or APA depending on the subject and your preference.
Now that you know what the purpose of literature review is, you can start writing your own chapter. After all, you will no longer have to ask the question on how to write literature review chapters since the resources are now available for you.
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