What is the purpose of using a literature review example?

What is the purpose of using a literature review example?
Usually, when we are faced with a dilemma of writing a project in school, we tend to look for materials that will serve as sample documents. This is a practical thing to do especially if you are not really familiar how to build a dissertation or do not have the right skills in composing an article. But in terms of writing a specific chapter, what is the real purpose of using a literature review example?
First of all, a literature review is one of the most important chapters in a thesis project. This is the chapter wherein another referenced work is summarized that has the same topic interest as yours. What the chapter intends to do is to let your readers know how important it is to tackle your selected subject. Unlike in ordinary essay writing where you do not largely need a reference material, a dissertation needs to be supported by other sources so that the audience can realize that your study is significant. If another person has done a research about that topic before, then it must be really important.
Another aspect of using a literature review example is that you immediately will have a reference material. This means that no matter what your results may be in your processes of researching you can always back it up with the results of another person’s work. Sometimes, we can see some other details of another external file that can support our claims in our thesis. This can save us time and effort instead of looking for generic ideas from conventional resources.
Almost all subject parameters have corresponding research materials. If you are going to write about a science project, you can find biology essays that can be used for references. Or an IT coursework material if you need support on how to do calculations in computer programs. You see, there are so many other resources apart from literature review but the latter is more of a compact resource file. You no longer need to confirm whether the claims of the author are true or not since his evidences lie on the very research paper he has completed.
In a technical aspect, a literature review example can also teach you how to structure your own chapter. Since it is a summary of another work, you need to implement citation schemes necessary in research paper writing. There are so many types of systems, from APA to Harvard, MLA to Chicago; you need to have a solid source of info on how to use these formats in writing. If you have an example document, it would be much easier for you to cite other resource materials. Apart from that, spelling and grammar errors may be reduced if you at least have a sample document. You can then proofread your work easily.
A dissertation project will always involve the creation of al literature review chapter. If you need more help how to structure other parts in a thesis, you can go to the ‘how to write a dissertation’ section in this website for your reference.
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