Writing a Methodology for College and High School Students

Writing a Methodology for College and High School Students
It does not involve magic in order to come up with a good written research paper. Most of the time the students who are able to build a quality dissertation are the ones who have the right information on how to compose a good thesis paper. But for the purpose of teaching you how to create the different chapters of any research papers, let us concentrate on writing a methodology so that you can also learn how to structure this chapter of a thesis document.
The education curriculum of most universities and colleges includes the aspect of computation and data analysis. This is because of the fact that you will need such skills when you are going to build your dissertations. Any types of research papers will somehow involve analysis of numbers so it is important that you know some statistical tools and formulas in order to write your methodology.
But how do we really build this chapter of a dissertation? The ultimate goal of the methodology chapter is to let your readers know how you came up with the results of your research. This is also the main point reference to let your audience have an idea how the procedures were implemented which will then convert to the reliability of your work. If you have done the processes correctly then most probably you have a credible set of results in the conclusion. As a first part, writing a methodology involves the aspect of gathering data. The methods you will be using will depend on what the goal of your research paper is and how convenient for you are the available methods. Usually, researchers use the following data gathering techniques; data mining from previous records, interviewing subjects, sending survey questionnaires to respondents and doing experiments in a laboratory or controlled area. After you have completed any of the said procedures you may now report the complete processes in your methodology chapter.
The second part in writing a methodology involves the presentation of analysis measures for the research. This is so important especially if you are trying to prove something which will be base on statistical numerical data. Some statistics coursework back in high school can be used in this principle because regression, ANOVA, t-test and correlation methods are usually used for small scale to large scale data interpretation. You can use some other homework assignment coursework of mathematics for your reference on how to use statistics analysis.
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