Citation And Form Of A Bibliography

Citation And Form Of A Bibliography
An up-to-par paper for college includes sources from all over…The official citation format doesn’t have to be hard work, learn by example.
So, you’re used to rinky-dink bibliographies where simply one source of information is acceptable, but what if you had to do more? Are you ready to get your mind blown? Do all the work? Go that extra mile? Collecting mass data isn’t the problem -naming and crediting the source however, can be the ripple in the water. Even if you are writing a bibliography for a simple essay and received information from more than one source, that info has to be organized in a specific sequence of order. Proper citation format requires you to know exactly where that information belongs and how to process it.
Your bibliography for the citations should appeal to your teacher’s expectations. It should be a brief description of where you retrieved that information, neatly written and in an acceptable format. Knowing thecitation format to correctly cite a paper will grant you an excellent mark for your writing as well as prove that you are not a plagiarizing imbecile. There could be countless citation sources for your information, categorize it similar to the following format:
(In bold) Bibliography
(In bold) Book Citations:
• Underline “Dictionary of Literary Biography: Twentieth-Century American Dramatist Part 2: K-Z.”
• Helterman, Jeffrey. Dictionary of Literary Biography: Twentieth-Century American Dramatist Part 2: K-Z. Ed. John Mac Nicholas, Volume 7. Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1981. 86-111.
(In bold) Books with One Author:
• Underline: Arthur Miller: His life and Works. Death of a Salesman.

• Gottfried, Martin. Arthur Miller: His life and Works. Da capo Press, 2004 Miller, Arthur. Death of a Salesman. Viking Penguin Inc. 1949______
(In bold) Books with more than One Author:
• List the authors surname first followed by a coma and then the author’s first name, continue for each. Underline the book’s title followed by the section the specific citation can be located. List the place of publication followed by the year. If applies, insert the page numbers and if it was reprinted, when and where followed by those page numbers.
(In bold) Books with an Editor:
• Underline:Editor of Cuba on the verge.

• McCoy, Terry, Editor of Cuba on the verge. “An Island in Transition” published by Bulfinch Press march 2003 number of words: 1, 155
(In bold) Quotes from People:
• Insert all applicable quotes, who said them (if they were said to you in an interview etc…) if you retrieved the quotes from another source explain exactly where you retrieved the source of information.
(In bold) Other References:
• Underline: The Cambridge companion to Arthur Miller.

• Bigsby, C.W.E The Cambridge companion to Arthur Miller. NY: Cambridge UP, 1997.
(In bold) Magazines and Newspapers:
• Underline the article’s title followed by the name of the magazine it was printed in, the issue number and a brief description of what information the article contains. The month and year the article was printed and where.
(In bold) Other Media:
• Example: radio, television, book reports…
(In bold/If applies) Works:
• If your paper was written about a person who accomplished great works (written or other) you may list them in sequence in this section.
(In bold) World Wide Web:
• A complete list all websites you retrieved information from.
Of course, your bibliography should be pleasing to the eye and completed in the proper citation format that is expected of you. If you are experiencing any difficulty citing papers according to the proper format, seek additional help from your teacher. Of course, you could always look into MasterPapers for experienced, quality writers who produce custom papers for all your writing requirements.
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