Writing Your First Reflective Essay

Writing Your First Reflective Essay
Many types of essays can be a good way to let you become more imaginative. Of course, with so many topics and formats to choose from, you can always impart what you think and feel towards writing an article. In this case, let’s see what a reflective essay means and how it is supposed to be written.
In general, a reflective essay is an article that intends to let the students or the writers express their feelings towards how they look at a particular issue, object, opinion or event. In most cases, you will be given a set of subjects you are to provide your reaction on and highlight it in your piece of paper. Sometimes this technique is used in writing a college application essay. The important part of this task insists in your ability to present your thoughts concerning a given topic. So in effect, the evaluators can easily interpret your personality and character.
Does this coursework essay have certain rules?
Technically speaking, there are still some instructions on writing your reflective essay. But as you might have already known, these are the same rules applied to almost all types of essay articles. You will write the thesis statement in the introduction, fill out the body paragraph section and then you finalize the article using a conclusion. Actually, there is nothing new but the approach in writing.
What are the topics that you can write about?
It all depends what topic you are comfortable with. If you want to discuss about how you would react in a political event, then you can write your opinion. Besides, you are welcome to provide some good insights on how you feel about the newly enacted law. As you see, the possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.
Writing an essay should always become an enjoyable activity. This statement is also valid when it comes to your reflective essay. Actually, you can be very expressive and personal in writing this type of a project.
1. Firstly, try to learn more about the topic of interest that you are going to write about. Look for some comprehensive details relating to the subject of your writing discussion.
2. Secondly, you should create a draft or an outline to help you guide the chronological order of your paper. This will definitely help you make a systematic way of writing. Like any basic five paragraph essays, reflective essay writing does not require any strict rules.
3. Finally, you need to internalize your viewpoints concerning the highlighted problem. Imagine yourself immersed in a situation where you have to choose a specific side of the argument. This way, the reflection aspect will come out naturally from you. In addition, try to consider balancing your arguments by including counter arguments to make your article more exciting.
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