Telling a Story in a Narrative Essay

Telling a Story in a Narrative Essay
One of the basic types of an article for schools is the narrative essay. Some students will regard this type to be the simplest one because of the fact that it requires less experiences and less researching compared to other forms of essay writing. Even for an A level coursework requirement, an essay written in the form of narration will be doable even for an inexperienced writer student. Let us take a closer look on what factors make this essay so simple to write and what the formulas are in making it a good one.
A narrative essay mainly intends to tell a story. This approach makes it very easy to do since you only need to share what you know or have experienced in your life according to how you perceive things. Of course, you can only tell a story if you were able to imagine things or share your past. Sometimes, you can even retell a story if another person or a reading source was able to provide you the details involved. For example, if you have read a newspaper, a novel or someone told you what happened in a certain time and location; you can easily tell the story in your own perspective.
Most college admission essays are just types of an essay in narrative form. The basic requirements of schools in this type come in the notion that it would be easier for them to see trough the minds of the applicants when they tell the story according to their own will. This is also the same when it comes to schooling education. Teachers can just enjoy reading the stories of the students while at the same time the latter will not be pressured in conducting researches and finding answers to boring questions.
How to write
Writing an essay in narration also follows the basic rules of essay writing. It does not really matter whether you are going to write about social sciences, mathematics, history or law essays. What is more important is to follow the three general formatting types of writing. You should include an introduction where you present your main idea of an essay. This should be followed by a larger part of the body paragraph where you discuss the things supporting your topics. Lastly, you should provide the main conclusion at the end part of the article. You can compress the whole of the story in this part or summarize the significant events in your story.
What to write
It is actually up to the writer if he wants to write about his personal experiences, imagination or retell as story. If you are interested in discussing the concept sin Physics, you may tell as story about the Big Bang or Einstein’s Relativity just like doing a Physics coursework. If you are more into discussing historical events, you also provide your readers some insights what happened during the Civil War. Or, if you are richly informed with the ins and outs of show business, you may write about an upcoming movie or the life of Madonna. Truly, writing about a story is limitless.
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