Essay Rubric-Grading System

Essay Rubric-Grading System
It is never an easy task to write an essay. Primarily, all students are likely to complain on the difficulty of the activity, especially when it comes to finding the best topics. Also, the task might be complicated by the need for researching, particularly if the topics are too technical or require some complex forms of discussion. But apart from the technical part of essay writing process, you also need to be aware of the special essay rubric principles set by your teachers. Of course, you are going to write a sample essay using your imagination. But you need to remember that it should have the same quality of reading materials as the professional looking article has. In that case, an essay rubric may be used.
What is meant by “rubric”?
So what does the word “rubric” imply in an essay coursework example? Just like in any school work, your teacher needs to have an evaluation guideline in terms of grading system. When it comes to the writing assignments, the essay rubric becomes the ultimate guide outline for evaluation. Actually, you are to be provided with the evaluative criteria coming from these rubrics. Some schools have their universal type of grading followed by all teachers, irrespective of the courses and subjects they are teaching. The other schools have a customized rubric produced and implemented into the studying process by their teachers.
Rubric Components in an Essay
• The topic of interest is the first grading factors in an essay rubric. There are some professors who would like their students to cover only those topics that they previously provide. In this case, you need to select the subject you are interested in. Of course, you must also consult with your teacher whether that particular topic was already taken or not. You can ask your professor about the types of discussions to be employed into such a formal writing.
• Secondly, the rubric can also contain some grading instructions concerning the formatting issue. The papers in academic writing usually follow the APA, MLA or Harvard formats. For example, if you are going to write a math assignment essay, then you should employ an APA format for scientific purposes. On the other hand, the MLA can be also used for the types of arts essays just like a Romeo and Juliet essay coursework.
• Finally, there are instances when the students tend to fail to consider the general coherence of their writting assignments. They keep on skipping the guidelines for creating a paper with a good flow of discussion. In this case, the overall impact of the paper on the readers is measured by the rubric.
There are different types of essays like cause and effect essays, classification essay, narrative essays and argumentative essays. However, even if you are going to write different types of these articles, you should always be aware of the essay rubrics that will be used by your instructors. This will give you an idea on how much efforts you should make in writing your essays.
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