MLA term paper format

MLA term paper format
MLA term paper format ensures that you present the findings of your work according to the style set by the Modern Language Association. This style is mostly adopted while writing the subjects for the humanities stream. The structuring of your essay using this style would become easier if you consult style books specially meant to guide you on this aspect of essay writing. You can buy these books from bookstores or borrow from the libraries. The writing labs have these books too in order to facilitate the structuring of essays written in the English language. Apart from these sources you can also gather material from the Modern Language Associationâ?™s website. Your tutor would also provide you some instructions regarding the structuring of your essay using this style. Always abide by his instructions. There are many things that can be written in two different ways. Use the one that your teacher has recommended. Donâ?™t try to display your knowledge of all the ways of writing a particular point because this would make the flow of your essay very inconsistent. Check some good examples, it may also very helpful.
If you have been asked to use this style of structuring in your essay and if you ignore it or are unable to do it then you can be even charged of plagiarism, which is a big offence. So to avoid it be very particular about the way you are structuring your essay.
Type your essay using a computer and print it on the page sized 8.5 x11 inches. Leave a margin of 1 inch on all the sides of the page. All the information that you have written should be double-spaced including the title; endnotes and the works cited page. This style does not recommend that it is essential to use a separate page for titles. But if your tutor has asked for it then you will have to write a separate title page. Otherwise write your name, your student number, the name of your course, the name of your tutor and the date on the upper left hand corner of the first page of your essay. The title of your essay should follow after this information and should be written in the center of the page. The font of your essay should be the ones that are generally used for academic and professional writings like Courier, Times New Roman etc.
Each paragraph should be indented. Leave five spaces or press the tab to do this. There should be page numbers on all the pages. Some tutors prefer no page number on the first page. Ask your tutor about what is his preference regarding this.
Dona?™t write the title of your page in italics. Dona?™t underline it either. All the letters of the title should not be capitals. The title should be written in title case. Endnotes and works cited should be written in separate pages. The words a??endnotesa?™ and a??works citeda?™ should be in the center of the page.
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MLA term paper format has been briefly discussed here but it would be better if you consult special stylebooks that would provide you step-by-step guidelines on how to tackle the structuring of your paper.
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