How to write a term paper

How to write a term paper
How to write a term paper is the most obvious question that comes to oneâ?™s mind when one is attempting any academic essay or assignment for the first time. There are a few simple rules that one should follow and an A grade would not be far way.
The first thing is to have a clear perspective in mind. For that you should have a clear understanding of the subject in which you have to write. If you have been given a topic then your time and energy in finding a topic gets saved. However if you have any doubt regarding it then make sure what your tutor wants out of it.
If you have not been given a topic then choose something in which you are very confident. Your topic should not be very general. It should focus on some special aspect. Suppose you have been asked to write something about yourself. Instead of giving any general information, focus on something special about you. Every person has some good quality in himself. If you are unable to make out what is good about yourself, speak to your friends or family members about what they like about you. You will get an idea from their responses. If you have any special interest or hobby you can mention that too.
If you have been asked to elaborate on a social issue try to present a unique angle of the social issue you are covering. For example substance abuse is one of the social issues but too much has already been written about it. Think about a different perspective. You can cover how this menace affects the family members of those who indulge in it.
No matter what your topic is, your essay should be divided into three distinct parts â?“ introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should let your readers know what the main idea of your essay is. The body of the essay should elaborate the topic in detail. The secondary ideas related to the main topic should be presented in this part. There should be different paragraphs for different ideas. The conclusion should summarize all the points that you have discussed in the entire essay.
If you have been given a word limit then always keep to it. Donâ?™t think that your tutor would get impressed if you write more than what you have been asked to. On the other hand donâ?™t assume that your tutor would not make out if you write lesser than the required number of words. So be very particular with this aspect of your assignment.
You might be asked to make citations according to a given style. The most popular styles of making citations are Harvard, APA, MLA etc. Make all your citations and do your reference page strictly following the style instructed by your instructor.
How to write a term paper should not be a problem if you follow the above-mentioned tips. It is advisable to be in constant touch with your tutor during the process of writing your assignment so that you can get valuable inputs from him too.
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