Essays Examples for a Typical Essay

Essays Examples for a Typical Essay
When it comes to essay writing, you need to know that there is a huge range of information to be used. It is not a secret that the most effective way to learn the basics of essay writing is to look through a few essays examples. Actually, the following piece of writing is an example.
The hustle and bustle just keeps increasing. Besides, the pursuit of career growth has become an obsession. People seem to have less time for even the essentials. Cooking a regular meal at home is becoming less common, as more and more people prefer to eat out. Restaurants and fast food centers are getting overcrowded with the families that give their preferences to the restaurant food. But speaking about me personally, I still find the time to cook and eat at home.
Frankly speaking, I find cooking relaxing. What is more, I especially enjoy cooking for others. The thing is that their appreciation for my culinary talents seems to have a therapeutic effect on me. I find cooking as a means of unwinding. In my kitchen I am the boss. There I always experiment with different dishes and ingredients. The great benefit of such cooking lies in the fact that I do not have to answer to any one for what I dish out. There are no targets to meet and no fixed hours.
Apart from this, cooking a healthy meal at home, using pure ingredients and sitting down with the family for a relaxed repast has no equal. It is not just the food; eating together, like praying, keeps a family together. This has been a family tradition since ages. During the day we have our individual schedules and responsibilities. We hardly get time to speak to each other. But when we sit down to eat, we relax, share our experiences, and give each other advice if there is an issue at hand.
Of course, we enjoy going out and eating at a classy restaurant once in a while. But that means we have to be dressed properly with black jacket and white shirt and all that. Going to a Chinese restaurant just around the corner lets us skip the formal attire, but we have to contend with a new problem: the noise and the crowd. Speaking about the quality of the food, it depends on the Chinese restaurant you go to. Sometimes the food can be too lousy. And you find at the end of the day that you have just wasted a lot of time and money.
Then there is the question of hygiene. But for the reputed restaurants, you are not too sure of the cleanliness in those kitchens and the personal hygiene of the chefs as well. Quite often restaurants compromise quality for a little cost advantage. Besides, they are not too concerned with the health attributes of the ingredients they use.
Although lately some fast food companies have become conscious of the cholesterol levels in the food they serve, they are few and far. Indeed, such restaurants are not always easily accessible.
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In my opinion there is nothing like cooking at home. Its great merit insists in the fact that you are sure about the ingredients and thus you can have a relaxed meal. While eating together, you get to interact with the other members of the family. In addition, in such a way you save yourself a load of money. As far as I am concerned, it helps me to unwind, lets me vent the creative urge inside me and it gives a feeling of satisfaction when others appreciate what I cook.
There are several types of essays examples. This is an example of a typical essay. Thanks to the above-stated writing, you will know what a basic essay is about.
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