English Essays – Britain between 2500 And 600 B.C

English Essays – Britain between 2500 And 600 B.C
There are English essays that cover every imaginable aspect of both the language and history. This English essay is however about Britain between 2500 and 600 B.C. Towards the beginning of that period there was an influx of migrants into Britain. These migrants are usually referred to as a??the beaker peoplea??. This name was given to these people because of the shape of their pottery which were frequently excavated from their barrow graves. The beaker people were relative newcomers as compared the Neolithic people who were already there. But eventually the beaker people come to lord over the earlier inhabitants.
The beaker people were farmers and archers. They were also the first Britons to work with metal. These people first worked with copper and gold. Later they worked with bronze thus lending the name to that era. They were also the first to weave garments in Britain and the first to brew alcoholic drinks.
These people changed over from the conventional house shapes of that time to round house. The walls of such houses were round and low. Atop these walls were mounted wooden poles and rafters. The roof was made of thatch, turf or hides. This round structure was adapted even to their graves.
The Beaker Folk introduced a pastoral system to the agricultural lifestyle of the Neolithic people. As their numbers grew, more marginal land was brought into cultivation, and was farmed successfully for hundreds of years. But as the climate changed they were forced to abandon it. The beaker people also broke away from the community form of administration of the Neolithic people and switched to the patriarchal system in which a warrior chief or king was the most important individual.
Towards the end of the Bronze Age the climate changed radically. According to tree ring evidence it is quite likely that a major volcanic eruption could have taken place in Iceland. This may have caused a major temperature drop in just one year. At around the same time the settlements on Dartmoor were abandoned and peat started to form in many places where once farms stood. And in time starving survivors began to fight over land that could no longer sustain them. Social sphere underwent changes as well.
The beaker people had their graves close to the graves of the Neolithic people suggesting that they preferred to bury their dead close to land that was already considered sacred. And from the artifacts unearthed from their barrow graves it looks as if these people believed in the afterlife. Graves were generally filled with pottery jars, golden buckles, bronze daggers, cups, necklaces, and so on.
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Of all the English essays those that relate to early British history are undoubtedly more interesting than the usual fare. The reason for this is simple. It is not often that you get to read about things you may not even be aware of. People generally tend to think of the English as a homogenous lot. But this is far from the truth. Very many centuries ago several tribes conquered either all or parts of Britain. Some of the features that distinguished the ancient people can be seen even now.
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