Research Paper Format

Research Paper Format
Your research paper format should strictly conform to the specifications of your instructor. This is also included in the evaluation of the entire project.
What is a research paper?
This is a paper requiring a higher level of thoughtful, critical, and abstract inquiry. Although this is a tall order, students will eventually learn how to write this.
As its name implies, you will be conducting investigations to come up with observations and answers to your study. Fortunately, you have vast resources at hand â?“ school library, Internet, periodicals, lectures, forums, and interviews, also many examples can be found online too. The more relevant and updated your resources, the better.
The format
This type of academic writing requires strict adherence to format. Observe all the rules to get good marks. But also take note that this research paper will be evaluated according to the way you have stated and explored your thesis statement.
For the final draft, use twenty pound 81/2 by 11 inch paper. Keep the original and give your instructor a clean photocopy.
A margin of one inch at the left and right sides as well as the top and bottom is mandatory. Your paragraphs should be indented at half an inch. If you are including quotations, these should be indented one inch from the left margin. If you are using a typewriter, a quotation is set ten spaces from the margin. For the margin itself, allow five spaces.
If you are using the MLA style, your paper must be double spaced, and that includes your quotations, list of works cited, and your notes.
There is no need for a title page. On the first page on the left hand margin, type the following in double spaces after each entry:
a—? Your name
a—? Your teachera?™s name
a—? Course name and number
a—? Date
Your title will be centered after you make a double space. If your title takes up more than one line, double space again for the next line. Capitalize the first word, and the principal words of the title.
Never use a period after your title, but you can use a question mark or an exclamation point if it is necessary. When in doubt, ask your instructor or refer to the MLA guide.
Always type your last name before the page number. The numbering starts at the first page and this should an inch away from the upper right hand corner of each page.
Figures and Tables
Label images and charts, label as figures and number these consecutively. Tables are also labeled consecutively e.g. Table I. The caption for the tables and figures should be flush to the left hand margin.
Your instructor may have specifications for the binding of your paper. Follow this strictly.
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