What You Need to Get Started with Your Analytical Essay

What You Need to Get Started with Your Analytical Essay
What is an Analytical Essay?
An analytical essay is a form of critical reading. It requires you to lay down your reaction and thoughts about a particular body of written work (usually on a literary piece), all in one essay. This article is amed to help you to write essay, namely analytical essay.
How do I make an effective analysis or critique?
In making your analysis, you have to be as well informed as possible. First, try to figure out where the author of the written work is coming froma?”that is, you have to be able to identify the perspective he or she is using in his or her argument.
The whole process will require you to check for opposing ideas and perspectives as well. So before you can get yourself started with your paper, you first have to make a draft and gather all the data you will possibly need.
What am I looking for in my search for information?
Basically, your paper requires that you check for the relative merits (i.e. strengths and weaknesses) of the assumptions, the claims and the pieces of evidence the writer uses in his or her written work. You can start by checking for some hidden intent in the piece.
Does the essay compel the readers to act or does it aim at inculcating an idea, belief or ideology? You can work on your critique by checking whether the motivated action or communicated idea is relevant and if the arguments made have any underlying factual evidence.
You can weigh the substance of the argument by examining whether the writer uses an experta?™s opinion and then looking into the credibility of the cited expert. Is the author an authority in the field of study? Are there other authorities with opposing opinions? These are some of the issues you need to look into.
You should also scrutinize the general tone of the written piece. Does it convey a cause and effect pattern or is it more of a classification or generalization? Check for the substance of causal effects by looking into the facts being presented. Do they really show a cause and effect relationship?
Search for any alternative cause presented by another expert in the field, perhaps you are looking for a counter-cause altogether. If the writer seems to be presenting a classification, you must look for shared characteristics and examine their relevance.
Take into account the number of similarities. Again, check out any dissenting experta?™s opinion. If you are dealing with a generalization, examine the sample being used as basis for the generalization. Is the sample relevant and the size ample enough?
How do I get started?
After you have all the information you need on the table, writing your analysis should be easy. Start making a summary of the written piece under study (usually in the form of an abstract).
You then present your own personal claim or thoughts on the subject. Support your claim by laying down the details you gathered from your analysis (the pieces of evidence used, the underlying perspectives, opposing views and the like). Voilaâ?”you have your analytical essay ready.
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