Term Paper Formats – MLA or APA?

Term Paper Formats – MLA or APA?
Term paper format is a set of guidelines for organizing a paper. Two term papers formats are usually used- APA format and MLA format (there are some other less common term paper formats like Chicago term paper format or Turabian term paper format).

Each term paper format has its own set of rules that should be followed in the process of writing.

MLA term paper format guide

Your first page, as well as the text of your paper, should be double spaced, using 12 point-Times New Roman type size and typeface. The title of the paper should be centered (do not underline or bold it – it is against the guidelines). As for the margins on the sides of a page, they should be 1-inch. Do not forget to include a page header at the upper right corner of each page, stating your last name and the page number. Works Cited page is an integral term paper format element.

APA term paper format guide

You should create a separate title page according to the guidelines of APA term paper format. The title page should incorporate a running head at the top of your paper, a page header, full title of the paper, your name, the name of your professor and class title.

One more element of APA term paper format is the abstract that sums up the paper’s content. Just like in MLA term paper format, you need to provide an appropriate citing of the sources. Heading and subdivisions are more than welcome as a bonus to your APA term paper format. The reference page is a compulsory element of any APA term paper format.

When you are deciding what term paper format to choose – consult your teacher and he/she will help you in making your choice.


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