Dissertation Work and Dissertation Writing-Any Difference?

Dissertation Work and Dissertation Writing-Any Difference?
Is being a student – a hard work?! Is studying the synonym for working?! Can dissertation writing be called a dissertation work?!

Difference between a dissertation work and dissertation writing

Most of the readers of the article are college, or university, or high school students, who would agree that studying is just as hard as working. Moreover, the more precise and fair title for dissertation writing is “dissertation work”, since we spend days on completing this assignment, investing our time and efforts. The only difference between a real work/job and a dissertation work is that we do not get paid for it (unless you believe grades can be counted as a “salary”).

The main goal of the philosophical discussion above is to show that a dissertation work is one of the most complicated assignments that requires considerate amount of time and tremendous efforts.

How do you write your dissertation work?

1) You get ready

Dissertation work cannot be started without planning your time, determining the stages of your writing process. So, you consult your teacher, talk with your friends-senior students who have completed this task, and think on the best topic for your dissertation work.

2) You research

Before you start writing your dissertation work, you need to work out a proposal, approving it with your examiners. To complete a dissertation work proposal you need to conduct a brief research on the availability and appealing nature of the materials on the topic you are writing about. Then you reflect your brief findings in the dissertation work proposal.

3) You write

Now it is time to roll on your sleeves and start working on the paper. First of all, you should identify the number of sections you would like to include, their content and necessary materials for that. Then you simply follow your outline, filling each section of your dissertation work with appropriate data, interpreting it.

Dissertation work prepares you for a real “adult” life, where you actually get paid for what you do.


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