Dissertation Research Proposal – Plan of Your Actions

Dissertation Research Proposal – Plan of Your Actions
“What is the purpose of a dissertation research proposal, any way? It seems that your examiners are trying to make any process, any assignment as complicated as possible!

Dissertation research proposal is one more example of “bureaucracy”: before you start working on your dissertation, you need to approve a dissertation research proposal with your committee of examiners (real bureaucrats).” (Your thoughts)

Our arguments: indeed, a dissertation research proposal may seem rather useless at the first glance. But let us try to investigate the main purpose of writing your dissertation research proposal.

* Your dissertation research proposal is a plan of your future actions, steps you will have to take in order to complete your assignment.
* Your dissertation research proposal is an indicator whether you will be able to develop your thesis statement. If not, your committee will notice that and ask you to focus on another topic for your dissertation research proposals.
* Your dissertation research proposal gives you the first rough draft of your research section of the paper.

Consequently, writing a research proposal is good for you and your future dissertation.

The content of your dissertation research proposal:

1. Brief introduction of the topic.
2. Description of the primary goals and the objectives of your research.
3. Precise thesis statement of the dissertation research proposal.
4. Description of the methodology and your research procedure.
5. Discussion of the expected results and your conclusion.

So, your dissertation research proposals will be easily approved by the tough examiners if you follow the outline given above. Surely, you should be ready to answer all types of questions on the importance of researching this particular topic.

“Hmm, sounds convincing…” (Your thoughts).


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