Dissertation Chapters: Making Drafts

Dissertation Chapters: Making Drafts
Writing a dissertation is impossible without making drafts. You will not be able to write everything properly, without any mistakes from the very beginning up to the end. That is what dissertation drafts serve for. That is why, in this article we will try to describe the procedure of making the dissertation chapters drafts.

Before you write a dissertation, you should get to know the structure of any dissertation on any topic. The structure of a dissertation consists of the main parts – the dissertation chapters. They can be considered as follows: Introduction, Data Presentation, Data Interpretation and Conclusion. The structure of your dissertation is stated in the contents page of your dissertation with the page numbers, so that the reader can find any dissertation chapter he/she needs.

Dissertation chapters: Introduction. When you write a dissertation, you should identify the purposes of your investigation and the methods you will use to achieve these purposes. As we are considering the ways of making dissertation drafts, we advise that you should write your introduction after the body of your dissertation is finished and edit it.

Dissertation chapters: Data Presentation. To write a dissertation perfectly, you will need to find relevant sources and extract necessary data from them. If you need any tables or schemes for your data presentation, make them. However, you cannot present the photos or graphs here. Pictures or photos are included into the appendices of your dissertation.

Dissertation chapters: Data Interpretation. The next step you should take, when writing your dissertation, is to present data interpretation in your dissertation drafts. When you write a dissertation, you should analyze data taken from the sources collected.

Dissertation chapters: Conclusion. Our strong advice is to write your dissertation conclusion as soon as all your dissertation chapters are already finished. Having your dissertation chapters completed will help you see what to write in the conclusion about.


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