The Art of Persuasion and the Abortion Essay

The Art of Persuasion and the Abortion Essay
When to get writing advice
Writing an abortion essay needs preparation. Whether you are for or against the practice, get the reference materials relevant to your thesis. Get organized and file your information for ease of access. Then start writing. When you get stuck, seek advice.
This type of essay needs all your persuasive skills in words. So use them in a natural way you would when convincing others of your position on the issue. Use philosophical quotations or quote the experts when you canâ?™t be original but sooner or later, the right words will pop up.
Let the words flow. Write it within your framework of the introduction, body, and conclusion. Connect each paragraph with effective hooks. These will serve as signposts for the readers.
Informative or argumentative
Before you pound the keyboards, decide how you are going to approach the subject. Are you going to be informative or argumentative? If you choose the former, you should be dispassionate about the issue. You will have to give equal attention to all aspects of the issue.
The informative discourse will provide the background information for the reader who can choose to go for or against it. The argumentative approach will have you exerting your best effort to make the reader believe that your viewpoint is correct and reliable.
The Art of Persuasion
In your article, you have to persuade with words. One technique is to show examples of the disadvantages or advantages of abortion. Give the facts. Do not dwell on showing your readers why you want them to react. Just let the facts sink it. They will later react the way you want it.
To achieve this, donâ?™t let your anger or your bias show. Let them create their own anger or bias. You can even go the length of praising the effort of the pro-group (if you are for the anti-group) and vice versa. Of course, use colorful words that will appeal to all their senses.
Words have the power to convince and persuade. Use these well. Here are some tips about using this tool to your advantage:
Make your position on abortion clear.
Use language that will appeal to all the senses
Be passionate but not offensive
Start with non-controversial statements â?“ Instead use words that will catch their interest. Make your readers want to know more instead of ignoring your paper because of their own personal biases.
Be objective, and back up your claims with scientific references.
Counter previous arguments with fully referenced data.
Use a strong conclusion that emphasizes the central argument.
Use illustrations, graphs, and statistics to support your stand. An analysis of the supporting facts will help the reader understand your point clearly.
The three important paragraphs
If your abortion essay has to be covered in five paragraphs, maximize the three paragraphs of the body. These should all be connected with effective sentences or hooks.
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