The Hook and the 5 Paragraph Essay

The Hook and the 5 Paragraph Essay
Traditionally, an applicable 5 paragraph essay should necessarily contain all the following parts:
First paragraph – Introduction
First to third paragraph – Body
Last paragraph – Conclusion
As the name suggests, the first paragraph acquaints the reader with the topic. In a movie, this would be a trailer to whet the appetite of the movie-going public. The introduction, therefore, must grasp the reader’s full attention and stimulate his/her interest to get to the next paragraph.
In general, the introduction places the whole discussion in context. From this paragraph, one will know what he is going to read and why. The reader must be excited about to take a trip to a new experience you have prepared for him. Keep in mind that you should raise and maintain the readers’ expectations in order not to disappoint them.
The body of the essay
Briefly, the first section of the body must present your argument. If you have chosen to contest a well-worn literary thesis, then be clever. Your argument should be strong enough to hold your ideas well. It is necessary to link your first or second sentence to the last sentence in the introductory paragraph. It is vital to keep the connection logical and fluid.
The second paragraph of your body should put to the fore your second strongest argument while the last paragraph should present your minor argument. The conclusion of your essay should restate all three arguments and must be effective because it is the most influential paragraph. Do not forget that your readers will be encouraged to act on your recommendation.
Like the movies, your last paragraph should complete and summarize the whole story. Since this is a “reality show”, you should keep your readers fulfilled. You need to complete their journey. Have in mind to ensure that there should be no questions hanging. When you end the concluding paragraph, make sure the reader knows that the journey has ended with your “farewell note”.
The hooks
It is a well-known fact that all parts of 5 paragraph essay are joined together by hooks. Without the hook as a lead, the reader will be clueless about the next discussion. The hook should invite the target audience to read more. Hence, it should have bait for the reader to bite eagerly.
• Introductory hook – At the start of the introduction, use a catchy sentence to provoke the reader to keep on reading.
• Transitional hook – A tantalizing hook should also end the introduction with a promise of better things to come in the next paragraph. The thing is that the reader must want to know what is next. The transitional hook should always appear on the last sentence of all succeeding paragraphs.
• Reverse hook – To relate the discussion to the transitional hook of the introductory paragraph, reverse hook is ideally placed on the first two sentences of the first paragraph of the body.
Interestingly, these hooks can be compared to torch lights. They show the reader the way from the very beginning to the end. Without these hooks, reading the article is like reading disjointed snippets of a book. Therefore, it is vital for you to perfect your hooks. Make your transitions from a paragraph to the next cohesive. An abrupt departure from a train of thought will stump the reader.
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