The Sample Research Paper

The Sample Research Paper
Students at the high school and secondary educational levels are required to write a sample research paper. This demands a serious inquiry into a specific topic of interest.
Writing the paper
When a student chooses a familiar topic, the development of the study will fall into place. His discussion will be fueled by his search for the answers he himself wants to discover. This is the key to a successful paper, because it will reflect a fresh perspective into the subject matter.
Like other academic writing, this research article as an example will have the following standard components or body parts:
Literary Review
The Introduction introduces the reader to the topic in the context of the study. The Hypothesisis the statement of the inquiry for the purpose of the paperâ?™s argument. This will be later proven accordingly, depending on the studentâ?™s line of presentation â?“whether it is true or false.
The Literary Review is the body of the paper that presents information taken from other sources supporting the studentâ?™s stand on the research topic. The Conclusion is a brief summary of the discussion on the argument leading to the authorâ?™s findings and recommendations. The student may propose the development of further analytical threads related to the paper.
The Bibliography is a list of the references the student used in his example paper. There is a proper format for this.
The importance of referencing
The references used in the paper will bolster the studentâ?™s argument. This can be taken from books in the library, previous studies, newspapers, newsmagazines, and online sources. Non-printed materials are also rich sources of information that can add an interesting touch to the writing.
References contribute to the in-depth analysis formulated by the student. In a way, it paves the way for the student to present proof that can be further strengthened with factual observation of experiments (if appropriate). However, all of these should be cited accurately in the paper, or else, as student can be accused of plagiarism.
The importance of presenting the argument effectively
A research write up will not have any impact if the argument is poor. The success of the paper hinges on the thesis statement and the presentation of facts. The best approach to get the interest of the readers is introducing the argument in a sentence.
Therefore, any examples research argument should have strong basis. It can be said that a student who does not understand what he is writing about will show it.
The compare and contrast method will develop the analytical skill of the student at these levels. The student can also introduce some new observations he acquired in the course of his research work.
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