The Basics of Essay Writing

The Basics of Essay Writing
Essay writing comes in many forms but it all boils down to one basic format. Whether you are required to write something as complicated as an argumentative type and philosophy essay or something as simple as a narrative and biology essay, following the basic steps will lead you to the completion of your project in no time.
Your Requirements
You must be well aware of your requirements. If you are doing your composition for a school project, then you must follow your teacherâ?™s instructions. A good write-up that does not conform to the teacherâ?™s criteria is worthless. So ask yourself a few basic questions:
 Is there a required length?
 When is the deadline?
 Should I use a specific font style and size? How about the page set-up?
 Is there a preset topic or am I free to choose my own point of interest?
Get Started
You can jumpstart the whole process by deciding on a suitable topic. Choose a specific topic that both falls within the specified requirement and is within your interests. It is much easier to write about a topic that is significant for you.
Read the paper; go through magazines; browse the Internet; visit the library. All these should help you get a good dose of ideas to write about. Write down all the ideas. Your goal is to have as many ideas as possible before worrying about structure.
Get Organized
Formulate a thesis statement. This will serve as your organizing principle. The statement will help you narrow down your focus. It will help you decide which ideas to include and which to discard.
Your thesis statement must be specific and clearly stated. It must put your topic into perspective and must be able to define the objective of the composition clearly.
Get Structured
The traditional structure for write-ups is the common five-paragraph composition. This is made up of an introduction, a main body that is divided into three parts and a conclusion.
 The Introduction
The introduction should give the readers an overview of what the write-up is all about. Write a brief backgrounder. Make it interesting. You can begin your discussion with an interesting quotation or anecdote.
 The Main Body
Start working on the main body. Divide your discussion into three main topics so that each paragraph narrows down on a specific subtopic. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence to guide the readers.
 The Conclusion
Your goal is to give your readers a clear perspective of what they have just read. Summarize everything that you have written in a short yet encompassing paragraph and mention all the key points.
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