Need Help For Your Application Essay?

Need Help For Your Application Essay?
Writing an application essay may seem difficult for students pressed for time but following these simple steps will help.
Starting To Write the Paper
Before writing, brainstorm your ideas. List these down, make sure these are within your areas of interests. What would you like to write about? Do you think your topic would appeal to the admissions officers who have gone through thousands of paper like yours? These officers want to know you and your potentials, so take the hint.
Should you decide to write about yourself, ask a friend, a neighbor or your mom what endearing traits you have so you could start from there. Do not be shy, itâ?™s your important write-up so thereâ?™s no room for bashfulness now.
Your topic could be an extraordinary event, in the sense that it has touched you deeply enough to change the way you used to look at things around you, or has taught something important about life.
Telling It As It Is
Narrating a topic closest to your heart, you will realize that writing is easy. Write everything down then prune the unnecessary words.
Whatever you decide to write about, show yourself as naturally as possible, casual and yet formal to give respect to the readersâ?™ intelligence. Thereâ?™s no need to go overboard just to impress your readers.
You donâ?™t need a thesaurus to get your message across. Write as you would speak. It would be more real and very you.
Itâ?™s Not The What But Itâ?™s The How
Give an insight to your feelings in simple, free flowing words that will have the admissions officers enjoy reading for its authentic feel.
Since you are only allowed a limited number of words, choose them wisely. Avoid crutch words like: am, is, were, was, been, have, be, has, and had.
Show them how you have resolved issues, or how you reacted to situations. Write down your views about these events or people that made such impact in your life. This is the key to your success.
Basic Preparations
Make a draft of your write up and have your mom or friend read it. Let them comment so you get fresh and unbiased perspective. Take note of their comments. Some students go on and on until they have lost all interest. Take a break and go back to your work.
Even the best writers cannot write without revisions. Proofreading is last but not the least. Checking for spelling, grammar and punctuation marks are no less significant.
Check that all the required standards have been fully met. Even minor errors could mean a deduction from your ratings.
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