Your APA Research Paper

Your APA Research Paper
The APA Research Paper is an English language writing style, widely used by writers around the globe. If this is the writing style you are required, these tips will be useful.The Requirements
After choosing your topic, brush up on the APA writing requirements. It is important to know the following:
1. Writing the manuscript in the prescribed format
2. Headings
3. Proper spacing
4. Using figures and tables
5. Inclusion of quotations
6. Proper inclusion of references
When doing this write up, special attention should be paid to references. There are several areas to students are confused about such as:
 Citing from the dictionary, doctoral dissertations, newspapers, internet and CD ROM resources, lectures, interviews, and other non-print materials.
 How to indicate books with single or multiple authors
 How to indicate edited volumes books on the first, second, and later editions
 How to list a work of several volumes
References, Paraphrasing and Quotations
References are alphabetically listed in the References page. The Reference page is the last page of your paper, wherein the authors are listed in alphabetical order by name followed by the page.
The last name of the author comes first. If the same author has two or more published works, repeat the name of the author this time with his other books.
Paraphrasing is when you borrow another author’s information or passage but rearranged or changed it in your own words. Quotation marks are not necessary in paraphrasing but do give credit where credit is due. Omission of credits is against the Code of Academic Integrity. For this ethical crime, you may fail in your research if not the entire course.
How Your Paper Will Look
Submit your rough draft weeks before deadline to allow time for revisions after feedback from your instructor. Check spelling and grammar because you may not be allowed to make any revisions after submission the final draft.
Be sure that your paper is left-justified, with a 1″ margin on all sides, double-spaced, using the standard font Arial 12 or Times Roman, unless your instructor makes some exceptions.
When changing the spacing or the font, check with your instructor. Regarding pagination, it may vary across instructors. Some will prefer to start at the title page, others may ignore the title page and start at the first page of the text.
Quotations of less than 40 words are integrated in the body of the paper and must be enclosed in quotation marks. Quotation of an entire passage should be indented 5 spaces from the left margin. Each additional paragraph must likewise be indented.
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