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A DBQ essay or Document Based Essay question is typically an article that contains two pages. For hand written papers, they may include at least three pages worth of essay parts. In general, a DBQ essay must include six basic paragraphs. These are the introduction, four body paragraphs for discussion and the conclusion. Usually, teachers will provide a document to the students that in turn they will use for the dbq essay-writing plan. However, you can also use a document that you wish to become a reference for your essay if the teacher permits you. Writing a dbq essay is simple and is very similar to writing any other types of articles. The only difference is that you will treat essay documents as mere opinions rather than facts. Therefore, you can write an effective essay analysis of any documents that will come your way.
What are the basic steps in writing a dbq essay?
First, you must carefully understand what the question is all about. This way, you can easily identify the main concepts involved so you can plan how to write an essay. Try to discover some important keywords within the question. This way, you can identify if you are to write an opinion, attitude, or reaction to the issues at hand. It will also give you an idea whether you are going to compose a political, sociological, ethical or economic issues.
Second, read the available documents so you can immediately create a position for your response. While reading, take note of the important information and events that are available with in the document. These details will help you create the form of the discussion. If there are available charts, graphs and images within the document, study them carefully. You can also write something about them based on your interpretations.
Third, you can start organizing the essay outline for your DBQ essay. Basing on the info that you have gathered, you can write an outline that will specifically arrange the main points in a coherent order. This will give you a sense of direction for writing. Moreover, the outline should help you manage the ideas and the opinions that you want to convey to your readers.
Lastly, build the specific essay paragraphs. You are already familiar with these parts and we have mentioned it before. Write the introduction with the thesis statement, the body paragraphs and the conclusion. It is important that you carefully structure the parts in a naturally flowing manner so that your discussions will have logical sense.

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