The Issue Based Essay Competition

The Issue Based Essay Competition
An Essay competition is a great portal for the aspiring writer. There are various types of competitions, such as issue based, those only for school students, college or university students, or for the general public where anybody could try to compete.
Here is a list of a few such competition sites based on issues rather than a target audience.
1. The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) conducts such competitions for high school seniors aiming for college.
As the foundation’s co-president, Dan Barker says, the reward is for “independent thought”. The foundation comprises an educational group of freethinkers working towards the separation of state from church. This year’s topic was, “Why I do not Need Religion to be Moral.” The $4,900 scholarship is split among deserving writers; the winner takes home a neat $2,000, while the second winner takes $1,000. The rest is split among the other winners.
Look out for the 2008 competition in February next year.
2. The World Bank and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign affairs conduct an annual international essay competition.
This year’s topic was “How Does Corruption Affect your Life; what can you do to fight the corruption that you face?” The competition was open to those between 18 and 25 years of age. The award included a main prize amounting to $5,000 and prizes for runners up worth $1,000.
3. The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) has organized an international essay writing competition on the topic “Natural Resources and Conflict”).
The competition is scheduled for 2007-2008 and requires a 1500-word essay on what you think are the “necessary elements for a fair, peaceful, or effective use of natural resources after a conflict” based on two case studies).
The competition is challenging as it demands analysis, inductive reasoning, and concrete research that helps you provide suggestions and get to the heart of the problem vis-Ã -vis the role of natural resources as a cause of conflict in nations. The competition is open to students in grades nine to 12 across USA.
4. Preservation Kentucky and Kentucky heritage Council aim to preserve Kentucky’s history through their annual photo-essay competition.
This competition is eight years old now, and is open to children of primary, intermediate, and secondary grades. The organizers look for essays that are based on Kentucky’s historic buildings photographed by students entering the competition. The student ahs top then write essay “describing the historic resource and explaining its significance” in “keeping with the yearly theme”. 2008′s competition topic is “Restore-Reuse-Recycle.”
5. The center for Homeland Defense and Security’s first annual essay writing competition is focused on America’s defense from various modern threats, especially terrorism and America’s internal defense mechanism.
The topic for the competition is: “what single aspect of Homeland Security has been most successful, and what single aspect will be most critical to Homeland Security success?”.Your essays should reach them by 2nd January, 2008. The award is cash prize of $1500.
These topics for the essay competition are issue based and challenging for original thinkers and writers.
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