Writing Literature Essay Papers

Writing Literature Essay Papers
Literature is one of the most common subjects for essay papers. Literature topics refer to books, authors, critiques, and characters that may have become universal symbols of qualities, such as Hamlet. This requires intensive reading, understanding of the text read, and application of knowledge regarding literature and literary elements.

The literature essay could be of various types. You could be asked to describe, analyze an element, compare and contrast, or explore facets. Each of these, like for the general essay, brings into play certain qualities of writing and research.
Descriptive: This could ask you to describe the setting, plot, characters, or all of these of a literary text/s. You could describe a criticâ?™s position on a text, or describe a literary theory. Sample topics: describe the effect of setting in An Old Man and the Sea; characterization in Pride and Prejudice; the use of symbols in Jane Eyre; or The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock as a modern dramatic monologue.
To write on such topics, you will have to read the text carefully for distinctive marks that help you base your description and its thesis on particular elements. For example, for the last topic, you would have to consider the following:
What is the dramatic monologue?
What are its characteristics: Victorian and modern
Describe the poem vis-Ã -vis its dramatic monologue elements
Analysis: This involves analyzing an element, a text, or certain parts of it. Sample topics: Analyze the role of setting in To Kill a Mocking Bird; analyze Hamletâ?™s character as that of a prince suffering from the Oedipus complex; analyze character and theme in The Yellow Wallpaper; analyze the use of language in Catcher in the Rye.
For these topics, your knowledge of the text alone will not help. You have to have a concrete understanding of the story, the plot, the writerâ?™s techniques, use of language, variations on a theme, and many other such elements. For example, to analyze the Hamlet topic, you will have to first explore Oedipus complex as a psychological issue, apply it to Hamlet, and analyze whether Hamlet, the character, fits the bill. Questions would relate to what, why, and how.
Compare and contrast: These essays require you to compare different aspects of a text or across texts. Sample topics: Compare and contrast the central figures in A Dollâ?™s House and Hedda Gabler as rebels; compare the use of language and symbols in Sons and Lovers and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; compare To a Skylark and To a Nightingale as lyrical poems.
To write the first topic, you will need to know about the two plays, the two characters, the setting within which they find themselves, their rebellion and its causes and consequences, and its nature.
You write the literature essay papers in the third person and present tense. These papers need energy for reading and retaining information. They are dependent on the use of examples and references to books and critics.
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