How Do You Write the Essay Introduction

How Do You Write the Essay Introduction
Like human beings, all assignment essays have a face; in the case of the essay, it is called the essay introduction. Obviously, it plays the most essential part in the document. In actual fact, it has much to do with the reader’s first look into the subject and his/her understanding of the writer’s intentions. Speaking about the purpose of the introduction, it familiarizes the reader with the subject, its nuances, and the future development of the discussed issue. But before you learn how to write an essay introduction, you need to get familiar with its main functions.
Briefly, an applicable essay introduction should perform the following tasks:
Make a strong opening impact on the reader
Inform the readers about the subject
Give an idea of what the writer plans to say about the subject
Lead to the thesis statement
The Details of Essay Introduction Writing Process
In general, the introduction could begin with an example, an anecdote, a piece of data, or a striking fact that catches the readers’ attention. This should be directly related to the subject and make a strong comment on it. For example, an essay on methamphetamine might begin with the startling statistics on the abuse of this substance. Besides, it is possible to start with an example that describes the influence of methamphetamine on its users. However, you should ensure that the introduction is relevant to your ultimate focus and does not mislead the reader.
Afterwards, you need to familiarize your audience with the subject. So you could give some background information about the meth and its use in the country, state the basic problems associated with it, and let the readers know its significance as a topic for discussion. Actually, you can consider the following questions: What is methamphetamine? When did people first start using it? What is it made of? Why is it dangerous?
The above-stated details will slowly lead you to the thesis statement. Traditionally, it appears near or at the end of the essay introduction paragraph. It usually provides some specific information that gradually move towards an assertion which forms the focus of the essay. Without the thesis, the introduction is incomplete.
Addmitedly, the introduction to an essay should be written in such a manner that readers feel interested in the rest of the paper. Besides, it should also be well balanced in length. If your paper is 10 pages long, your introduction cannot be one paragraph long. Similarly, if the paper is two pages long, your introduction cannot be longer than one short paragraph. In a one-paragraph essay, on the other hand, the introduction appears after the thesis sentence and is usually one or three sentences long depending on the paragraph length.
The writers often tend to forget about the importance of the essay introduction. As the opening frame paragraph, it familiarizes the reader with the subject and helps them relate to the discussion in the more informed manner. Without a good introduction, the essay could collapse since it helps to maintain focus and keep the writer on track. Therefore, it is vitally important to learn all possible tips in order to shed a light on how to write an essay introduction.
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