The Rogerian Argument Example: Its Format, Structure and Topics

The Rogerian Argument Example: Its Format, Structure and Topics
Broadly speaking, there are various types of arguments and different approaches aimed at supporting them. Usually, the writers who know how to write essays utilize logos, pathos, and ethos to convince their readers of their viewpoint. Actually, the Rogerian argument essay example is the right method of persuading your target audience into accepting your opinion. However, this type does not depend on your aggression or challenges, rather on acknowledgment of the opposing viewpoints.
The Rogerian argument is based on the fact that the opponent’s or the reader’s standpoint is equally logical and correct. Therefore, the writer should accept its strengths as well. Admittedly, this approach does not alienate or aggrandize the audience or the opposing party, but makes them feel reassured about the writer’s intention. The main purpose of any Rogerian argument example insists in finding common ground on some issue instead of developing a debate. This is the inherent feature of this argument essay type.
Let us follow a good example of the Rogerian argument.
Topic: Teenage drinking
Teenage drinking should not be legalized because teenagers are not mature enough to carry their drinks.
Teenage drinking should be legalized assuming that 18 is a mature age for this habit and for enlistment into the services.
If teenage drinking is legalized, all teenagers would develop an exaggerated sense of freedom and misuse it to their disadvantage.
It is equally true that adults also tend to misuse their freedom and create the nuisances being drunk. So why should teenagers alone bear the onus of such behavior?
However, the teenager is more likely to neglect the sense of freedom, as his/her is much younger and lacks the strong sense of responsibility. Therefore, legal drinking at this age could create havoc in his/her life and ruin it prematurely.
Notice how the argument acknowledges each side of the debate and slowly progresses towards an assertion with a pleaceful tone or stance. The thesis appears not at the beginning of the essay or the argument, but at the end, once the writer has ensured that she/he has taken the audience /reader along and won over their trust.
The language of such arguments is modest and the tone is balanced. It is geared towards resolving an issue rather than fighting over it. The writer of the Rogerian argument example leads his readers gently yet firmly towards accepting his/her own perspective, but without showing any disrespect to the opposing views. This paves the ground for finding solutions.
Typical Structure of a Rogerian Argument
Statement of the issue
Acknowledgment of the opponent’s standpoint
Acceptance of its validity within a given context
Statement of own position
A gentle but firm indication of how own viewpoint is logically more viable within the specified context
To conclude, the Rogerian argument is thus a more civilized form of arriving at consensus. In actual fact, this essay example can be of use to those who consider the discussion to be a better weapon than aggrandizement. Get more useful tips and essay writing help on history essay as well as on literature coursework.
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