Some Topics for the Entrance Essay

Some Topics for the Entrance Essay
The Entrance essay (see also college admission essay) allows evaluators to judge your merit for a course or institution. The topics are designed to elicit self awareness and focused presentation based on this awareness. You need to know your plans, decisions, aims, drawbacks, merits, and course-worthiness that make you a deserving candidate.
So what are these topics like, and how could you prepare yourself to write for them?
Topic essay examples:
Describe your major strengths and weaknesses. How do you plan to use your strengths and improve on the weaknesses?
This essay requires you to categorize your strengths and weaknesses, such as academic, political, personal, financial, or professional. Which of these is/are relevant to your application?
How will you use your strengths? How do you think the weaknesses will hamper your work or progress, and what steps do you plan to implement to improve upon the weaknesses? Think of examples that illustrate your strengths and weaknesses.
Describe your personal and professional goals. How will this institution help you achieve them?
To answer this, you will need to know your goals first. Again, categorizing helps. Are the two goals synchronous or inter dependent? Why/How? Personal goals: as a human being, an individual, a son, brother, father, husband, man/woman, a socially conscious person, or as a thinker. Do these categories coincide with what you want to do professionally? How does the institution fit into your objectives?
Describe yourself. Has anything in your life influenced you to become the individual you are? Examine these in detail.
Analyze an incident that influenced you to take a major decision. How did this decision affect your life or profession?
What are your interests? How do they challenge you physically or mentally?
All these topics require knowledge of the self. As you begin to prepare for your admission procedure and gear up for the entrance formalities, it would be prudent to organize your thoughts about your own interests, problems, strengths, weaknesses, activities, and concerns. Begin to notice those little things that earlier seemed unimportant.
What books do you like to read?
How disciplined or punctual are you?
What are your basic interests?
What activities do you enjoy? Why?
What type of friends do you have?
Who are your role models?
What are your academic achievements?
Were you a good athlete or team player? What did this experience teach you?
Collate information on these points before you begin to write. In writing about yourself, try to write about those aspects that are relevant to the school you are writing for. For example, if you do so for art school, you want to highlight those aspects of your life that are related to the field.
As you write the entrance essay, be sure to persuade, but do not go over the hedge. Firmness of tone, clarity of expression, and knowledge of what you are striving for will help you more than an overbearing stance.
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