Your Freedom Writers Essay can be Outstanding

Your Freedom Writers Essay can be Outstanding
Writing of Freedom Writers Essay Calls for a Good Interpretation of the Film
Writing the Freedom Writers Essay can be a satisfying experience for the students who watched the film. Freedom Writers is a film based on the non-fiction book Freedom Writers Diary by a teacher, Erin Gruwell. The story is about how a young teacher succeeds in motivating the students in her class of “unteachable”s to learn tolerance and study to graduate from college and go for higher education. The film shows the racial conflicts among the students in the class, opposition to Gruwell on her unorthodox ways of teaching from colleagues and superiors and the sacrifices she makes for teaching the kids from lower strata of the society.
Essay Type Suitable for Freedom Writers Essay
To write genuine Freedom Writers Essay students need to watch the film first. Then they have to decide what type of essay they are going to write. Students can write a descriptive essay that tells the reader about the film, its storyline, cast, its success and music etc. Students can even choose to write argumentative essays on the themes and the incidents from the film. For instance there was strong opposition to Gruwell’s teaching methods. Even after the film was released some schools banned the book for teaching purposes. Student can take a stand on any controversial point and write the argumentative essay.
Different Angles to Write the Essay
Freedom Writers Essay can be written with many different angles. The students shall select what angle they take when writing their essay. For example students can write the essay from a teacher’s point of view. The essay idea can be developed with three main points selected from the film. The students can write about the methods, sacrifices and the courage of Gruwell in teaching the students. Then another theme that can be examined is the gangs and the racial segregation. Relationships in the families and the influence of gang loyalty on the relationships can be explored. Writer’s own interpretations
Some Ideas for the Freedom Writers Essay
The students can use the five paragraph essay writing format for writing the freedom writers essay. They can start with the introduction paragraph and the three main body paragraphs can explain three ideas on the film. They can sum up the essay with the essay conclusion paragraph. Students can use the following ideas for their essays.
• Main theme in the film is the education given to the students by Gruwell on good human qualities like courage, respecting and trusting other people and the courage. Write how she develops the children’s characters by enhancing these virtues.
• The human and family relationships and loyalties explored in the film also can be good ideas to be discussed in the essay. Eva’s testimony in the courts and the Marcus being expelled from the family can be discussed.
• Importance of writing journals as an outlet for sorrows, pains and frustrations and the diary of Anne Frank also are good points to discuss in the essay.
Importance of Essay Help in Writing an Essay on a Movie
Essay help is very useful in writing an essay on a movie, especially if the student did not get a chance of watching it. The essay help may be from advice on formatting, selecting topics and ideas to writing the essay. Or else, the students can order a custom essay written according to his/her instructions from a reliable writing assistance company.
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