Outlines for Essays

Is it always necessary to write outlines for essays? It depends on the writer. If you are an experienced writer and knows how to construct a quality essay, then an outline may be an obsolete writing tool for you. However, for a beginner, it is an important thing to have an outline. This simple but very important tool for writing an essay can actually help you. The outline serves as the plan of writing. Therefore, you cannot produce a good article without planning how you will write the essay.
Outlines for essays are simple to construct. In fact, it is like listing the basic parts of an article but modifying them according to your needs and preferences of discussion. In most cases, an outline can provide a helping hand to the writer in times of troubles. We all know that there is no perfect way for discussing a topic. Therefore, we need a certain guide that can let us fix the problems while writing an essay.
What are the basic parts of outlines for essays? Well there are no actual part requirements that you can consider in writing an outline. It is always the discretion of the writer what to put in his essay outline. It is a personal plan that only you can manage and modify. However, we can give you the most basic parameters included in common essay outlines:
Title Page
Introduction – this part will include basic topic discussions. It can contain the following:
• Background of the topic
• Thesis statement
• Secondary thesis statement is available
• Main problem statement
Body – you can write the body paragraphs by including the necessary discussions to support the thesis statement. You can partition the body into several paragraphs and include headers. Each paragraph can discuss varied supporting sub-topics for the essay.
Conclusion – this is the last part of the outline. It should contain the main summary of the article. The following parts may be included:
• Summary of the discussion
• Resolution to the problem statement
• Recommendations for additional research
The good thing about outlines for essays is that you can easily use it to correct any errors in your essay. Once you have completed writing an article, you need to proofread it. By doing so, you will be able to identify the possible errors that you missed. With an outline, you can easily spot what part needs modification and how the correction may affect the other parts.
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