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Writing a simple essay is not so difficult. Once you have chosen a good topic for the essay, all you need to do is to write the specific parts of the article. One of the most important and primary parts of an essay is the introduction. This is where all the discussion starts. It will also influence the readers’ understanding of the essay’s contents. In this case, we will talk about the introduction of an essay to help you write a quality article. As you know, there are actually three basic parts in an essay article. These are the introduction, body and the conclusion. We will simply concentrate on the very first part. We will talk about why it is important, how to write it and what contents should be included in the paragraph.
The introduction of an essay is an important part because it introduces a topic to the reader. It is at the forefront of attracting an audience to look at the contents of the entire essay. In such a case, it has a specific purpose of enticing readers to read the paper by having an opening remark on the topic. The whole paragraph structure of the introduction makes it possible to acquaint the readers with the topic. It provides the readers reasons to read the paper contents.
How can we write an introduction of an essay? This part is just the same as any other parts of the essay but it has a specific purpose. Like what we have told you, it intends to introduce the topic to the readers and acquaint them with the subject. You can write an introduction by putting a good essay hook. What is an essay hook? It is a bait to make the readers read the article. An essay hook can be in a form of a quote, a provocative statement or a question. The next thing for you to do is to write about the topic’s background. This will help the readers become more familiar with the topic because they will learn a thing or two about it. Through the introduction, you are introducing a subject to the reader much like when introducing one friend to another friend.
Lastly, what should be included in an introduction of an essay? We have already mentioned the purpose of the introduction as well as how to write it. It is now important that you know what else to include in the paragraph. The first part of the introduction should have an essay hook. The middle part should contain the introductory piece that will talk about the topic’s background. Then you should also include the reason why the topic is important and what benefits the readers will get from discussing it. Lastly, the later part of the introduction should contain the main thesis statement. This is the main idea in writing the essay. You should write an assertive, strong and specific thesis statement.
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