Writing a Good Pharmacy Admission Essay

Writing a Good Pharmacy Admission Essay
In Your Pharmacy Admission Essay, Indicate Why You Want To Become a Practicing Pharmacist
Pharmacy Admission Essay is an essential requirement in the pharmacy school admission process. It helps the admission committee members to evaluate the students’ suitability to follow the course. To enter the pharmacy school students shall have completed a college degree, but some schools ask for two years of undergraduate study. Admission to pharmacy schools is very competitive and the graduate school essay plays a key role in influencing the admission process. Therefore students have to put their maximum effort to submit the best admission essay. This essay should convince the admission committee, of the student’s suitability to be a part of the particular school. The students can be at ease when facing the interview if they have stated true facts in their pharmacy admission essays. Therefore, the first rule is do not provide inaccurate or false information in your essay deliberately. The admission essay topics has to be generally selected by the students from a list of prompts given by the pharmacy school.
Pharmacy Admission Essay Topics
The prompts are designed logically and psychologically to elicit information about the candidate, his/her character, traits, interests, views and past experiences. Here are some previous essay prompts as examples from UCSF pharmacy school.
• Writing songs, painting – these forms are considered art. When you digitally manipulate images and songs, is that still considered art?
• All humans have unique characteristics and traits that set us apart. Yet all of us are created equal. Explain the contradiction.
• Conscientious objectors. Should the government acknowledge their beliefs as valid? Why or why not?
• Dead languages. Languages such as Latin are no longer spoken today (which is why they are called dead languages). However, they are still being taught in schools today. Do you think that teaching languages that are no longer spoken is a good idea or not? What kind of benefits do you see in still teaching these languages?
• Students and academics. Do you think it would be a good idea to allow for students to have a say in the curriculum or in how their classes are taught? Why or why not? What kind of advantages and disadvantages are there to enabling students to decide such matters?
From the student’s point of view the purpose of the pharmacy admission essay is to convince the committee members that he/she is a worthwhile addition to their student body. But how do you know what they expect?
Meet the Expectations of the Admission Committee
The universities expect certain set of attributes, qualifications, performance levels and interests etc. for a particular course. Here are some of the things expected generally from prospective students to a pharmacy school.
• Character traits: honesty, scientific aptitude, good communication skills, and a desire to help others. close attention to detail, curiosity and desire, willingness to learn, people skills, kindness to name a few
• Performance: Your past performance in academic, extra curricular and social work.
• Views: Broad outlook and well balanced views on social, cultural, health and environmental issues etc.
• Interests: Social work, sports
• Qualifications: Two years of undergraduate study, about 2/3of all pharmacy schools require applicants to take the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT).
• Other: No criminal records,
How to Answer the Essay Prompts
Whether answering the prompts or writing on your own topic, you must write your pharmacy admission essay highlighting situations, experiences and view on the above and show you are worth being admitted. Avoid writing anything that goes against the general expectations but answer honestly if the question is directly posed at the interview.
Pharmacy Admission Essay Help
Considering the importance of the pharmacy admission essay to your life it is advisable to get the best possible essay help. Study sample essay topics, sample essays and get ready to answer the possible interview questions. When reading the admission essay samples try to get them with the grading and comments given by an expert on these essays. Always follow the instructions on the word limit given. If you are unable to write your own essay to high standard, get professional essay help.
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