Free Middle School Sample Essays

Free Middle School Sample Essays
Middle School Sample Essays help develop Students’ Writing Styles
Middle school students are at the adolescent age with rudimentary skills at writing. They need to develop attitudes, skills and understanding of the world and be able to express themselves better in order to progress in their future academic path. This is a big challenge and essay writing skills play a major role in their educational development. While the English essay topics being addressed in middle school years are fairly simple, the aim is to inculcate proper writing style, essay format and structuring skills in students. Sample essays can help children develop their writing skills and support their self learning skills. Therefore free middle school sample essays are truly useful to students at this stage of studies. Following is a short compare and contrast essay example provided for reference.
Dogs Makes Better Pets Than Cats
Essay Introduction Paragraph
Dog has been man’s best friend for thousands of years since time immemorial. So has cats and not only are they considered pets but also as sacred by many civilizations in history such as the Egyptians. While the feline pets may be easier to raise and manage specially with time and space restrictions in today’s modern lifestyles of people, dogs by far makes better pets than the cats. -Thesis Statement
Body Paragraph 1
Cats are becoming a popular choice when it comes to choosing a pet today because of the convenience associated with the small space requirement, independent nature of the animal as well as the economic factors associated in raising them. Cats unlike dogs manage their daily routines rather independently and relieve their owner from responsibilities associated with raising a dog such as walking them and providing adequate exercises. As they consume small quantities of food, the costs associated with feline cat food bill will be far lesser than that of raising a large dog.
Body Paragraph 2
However, cats in comparison to dogs can be considered less intelligent, especially if compared with highly intelligent canine breeds such as the German Shepherd or St. Bernard. Amazing dedication and intelligence displayed by dog assistants who were trained to aid blind persons by pressing the pedestrian crossing lights, elevator buttons etc. goes to show how a pet dog can be useful in your life. Their natural alertness makes them good guards of the house and property as well as young children who are placed under their charge.
Another disadvantage that can be associated with cats is that they do not learn many tricks and gimmicks, which dogs tend to pick up as they engage in play. As cats age, they tend to become lazy and lethargic and this is specifically the case for male tomcats. As they are rather independent in providing themselves with the entertainment and activities they need, the cat pet’s owner does not get much of an opportunity to share play time and activities with the pet. In contrast a person with a pet dog enjoys the time spent walking the animal in parks, beaches and playing “fetch” with sticks and even taking part in a vigorous game of Frisbee throwing.
Body Paragraph 3
The canine faithfulness and loyalty can also be seen in how dogs fail to adjust to new homes and owners, as adult animals while cats are very opportunistic in this regard. Many cats leave their homes if they feel they are being ill-treated and manage to find new homes and owners even as mature animals. They also cope rather well with loss of their owners. However there are many pet dogs that even die by going on hunger strikes at the loss of their loved ones.
Body Paragraph 4
There is also the health aspects associated with the raising a pet, especially in a family setting. While dogs carry the much-feared threat of rabies if bitten by an infected animal, majority of pet owners nowadays are responsible enough to get their dogs vaccinated. However the health hazards associated with the cats are mainly related to the bacterial infections transmitted via their feces. Pregnant women and infants are at a high risk of being affected by bacteria, which is, known to be present mainly in feline feces. The fine hair is also a known cause of asthma attacks for some individuals. Thus in this regard too, the cat pets pose greater health hazards than a dog.
Conclusion Paragraph
In conclusion, it is apparent that not only are dogs a better choice than cats when it comes to being a pet by the virtue of its temperament, loyalty, faithfulness, intelligence and sociability but also by being more cleanly. These attributes of a pet, which adds value to the relationship between the pet and its owner far, outweigh the convenience and economic benefits associated with raising a feline pet. A person who raises a puppy with love and care in its tender age will stand to benefit from unwavering loyalty and affection which the dogs tend to offer “till death do them part.” Therefore, in a world where people fail to offer emotionally fruitful, faithful and loyal relationships to their fellow beings, a lesson can be learned from our canine friend who will make a better pet than their feline counterparts.
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